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Resources for Musicians during a Pandemic

Unemployment Insurance in WA

Where to apply:

  • By Phone
    Call the Claims Center at 800-318-6022 Monday – Friday from 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. (except holidays) as follows:

    • Monday: New applications for those with Social Security numbers ending in 0-3. Open for questions about weekly claims and other general questions.
    • Tuesday: New applications for those with Social Security numbers ending in 0-6. Open for questions about weekly claims and other general questions.
    • Wednesday, Thursday and Friday: Everyone (Social Security numbers ending in 0-9) can submit new applications. Open for questions about weekly claims and other general questions.
  • Persons with hearing or speaking impairments can call Washington Relay Service 711

If you attempt to apply online, you’ll need to create a Secure Access Washington account, which you can do here. There is a “pre-form” that you fill out to see if you qualify. When it comes to the question of why you are out of a job, the correct answer for this is “lack of work.” The ESD may change their form to have an option that says “direct cause from COVID-19” in the future, but for now, you would need to choose “lack of work.”

Sign up for the ESD’s Covid-19 Action alerts which can include how and when to apply for Pandemic Unemployment Assistance.

Additional Information and Resources


For up-to-date information from the Washington State government, specifically related to Coronavirus.

From the Department of Health:
Corona Virus
Health Education

If your hours are cut, or you own a business and are worried about having to lay off employees:
Help for workers

If you exposed to the covid-19 as part of the course of your work duties, there may also be relief through industrial insurance (workers’ compensation):
Help for workers

Washington State Health Insurance Plans are open again through April 8th

Washington State Labor Council
For WSLC News and Information read The Stand, sign up here.


Spokane Regional Labor Council
To sign up for Spokane Regional Labor Council updates
(published by Tina <3)

United Way of Spokane

Spokane Regional Health District


Center for Disease Control (CDC) Prevention and Treatment

Center for Disease Control (CDC) Interim Guidance for Businesses and Employers

Occupational Safety & Health Administration

Public Health Departments in the United States

If you have COVID-19, please apply to the AFM Lester Petrillo Fund for Disabled Musicians. Application is here.

If you lose your job read this.

If gigs are cancelled, click here.

Washington State Labor Council
Information and Resources

Information and Resources


Spokane Arts Fund for Creatives:




Artist Trust Covid-19 Relief Fund
Artist Trust’s mission is to support and encourage artists working in all disciplines to enrich community life throughout Washington State.

Working Families Foundation
Run by the WA Labor Council


Sweet Relief

Musicians Foundation

SAG-AFTRA Actors Fund

For Bluegrass Musicians

For Blues Musicians

Facebook, Artist Relief
$250 per person max


Artists & Indie Artists
Sells merchandise for musicians that can’t tour

Relief for Musicians that have lost work due to the Coronavirus

List of Organizations that can help.

Help with Teaching Remotely:
Eric Heidbreder
Louisa Deasey

Psychological help for musicians

World Health Organization

Q&A from the ESD (Employment Security Department)


Q: I can’t afford to wait to get paid, I have bills due now. What am I supposed to do?2020-04-07T18:28:23+00:00

We understand how important it is to get these payments to you as quickly as possible, and we are doing everything we can to get you the help you need. Many options are available to help you and your family in this crisis, many of which you can find on the state coronavirus response website (coronavirus.wa.gov).

This includes information about dozens of services available to you and your family – from food, childcare and housing assistance to healthcare options, internet access, legal aid and much more. There are also important emergency measures the Governor has put in place to provide relief to you in this crisis, including:

  • A temporary moratorium on evictions for renters.
  • Help with utilities.
  • Cash assistance for families with and without children.
  • Free school lunches.

Again – please check out this page on the coronavirus response website for more programs and services available to you and your family.

Q: When should I apply for unemployment?2020-04-07T18:28:47+00:00
  • If you were eligible for unemployment before the federal legislation passed, please apply as soon as you can – taking care to read the information on ESD.WA.GOV beforehand and double-checking your information before submitting your application.
  • If you were not eligible for unemployment before the federal stimulus package was passed, we are asking you to wait to file for unemployment because our system is not set up to accept your application. We expect those changes to be complete by mid-April, and the team is working around the clock to get them in place as quickly as possible.